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Our clients are enthusiastic about the level of service they have received from Amirametrics. Read what they have to say about us.

"Technical Staff member of installed a second hard disk into my office PC.   The entire disk of my PC is backed up weekly so that my important emails and data does not get lost.   I took all of this for granted until the day the C drive failed and I could not start Windows.   Tech Staff came in quickly and simply switched drives, made the backup drive into the primary drive.    I was up and running without any lost data within 30 minutes."

- Sarah,  Textiles Sales Company Sales person

"Staff member setup and installed a PC for our digital Xray dental system.  The software installed was very sophisticated.     A USB external connected disk was setup and periodically the very large Xray database is backed up to this drive.   The database contains all my patient Xrays and it would be a disaster if any of it were lost.   This external drive is kept off site in a safe location.  I have used the same backup routine for my home PC and am now more relaxed since I have reduced the risk of losing my non-replaceable photos and downloaded music."

Bob, Periodontist

" Staff member setup a daily backup of our dental patient data which meets our needs and is very easy to use.   A USB hub was plugged into our PC and four flash drives were attached.   By simply clicking on an icon on the desktop.   The backup is quickly performed and best of all very very easy to do."

Leslie, Dentist

"Staff member provided me with two easy to use backup devices and software for my office PC.   One is  a flash drive to backup my accounting software files and the other is a disk drive in an external USB case for full backup.  I am now able to easily backup my systems.

Marion,   Ad Specialties

New York, NY

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